John Allen


John When John was 11 years old his father put a jig saw in his hand and said: "We are going to build a bookshelf." At that time neither John nor his father realized where that would lead. It initiated entrepreneurial work out of that garage before he turned of age to use those tools in a working atmosphere. At the same time John started learning architectural drafting, engineering, and wood & metal shops in junior high school.


Boating was early in John's life since he had an uncle that built hydroplanes. He also spent summers at a cottage on Lake Erie, water skiing and fishing most of the days. He is currently a boat owner and known as a skilled operator.

Almost all of Johns' life he has been in key roles for companies, always related to customer satisfaction, project, design and engineering management. With his variety of younger teachings, John was at home in the early 1990's when initially introduced to yacht interior construction. He has experience constructing nearly 2 dozen yachts from empty hull through commissioning. His many years as design & engineering manager for a few yacht builders has made him internationally known. A few of the yachts have been featured on the cover of well known yachting magazines.

 John's normal tools consist of AutoCAD use since 1988, MasterCam CNC Programming, MS Project, Rhino3d, and normal office related programs. He can utilize these for information of project management, start to finish, and from setting engines or tender davits to full bulkhead and interior joinery plans. He is highly experienced in integrating all the usual trades; HVAC, electronics, plumbing, electrical, etc. He has experience directing a large engineering staff, with great accomplishments.