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Returning to the 2010 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show allowed John Allen, CEO of Bluewater Yachting Solutions to reconnect with old friends from his days as Design & Engineering Manager of Destiny Yachts. A few images from the event are shown below. Enjoy our photos. (click to enlarge) In the first you will find John with longtime friend, Evan K. Marshall, premier designer of many Destiny Yachts, in the sky lounge of one of Evan's latest successes with Trinity Yachts, "Big Zip". Secondly, see John with old friend Troy Engen, now with Triton Submarines, LLC. Next you will see Steve Zuidema, COO, whom also enjoyed catching up with old friends from Destiny Yacht days when Steve was the supervisor over the company manufacturing the interiors for Destiny. John joined the ladies manning the BYSI booth for a short time as well.