booths-southOur 16,000 sq.ft. fin­ish­ing depart­ment has three large totally enclosed pro­fes­sional spray booths. They are 20 x 40 and two 14 x 20 in size. There are 6 sand­ing sta­tions, 6 buff­ing sta­tions, and two pro­fes­sional down­draft sand­ing stations.

Our fin­ish­ing spe­cial­ists and their sup­port crew can cre­ate many dif­fer­ent fin­ishes rang­ing from opaque paint, stained, pick­led, white­wash, glazed, dis­tressed, bur­nished, matte open grain fin­ish to full fill high gloss thick mir­ror fin­ish. If you have a project you need a spe­cial fin­ish on, call or email us for a meet­ing and a quote.buffers